The 14-Day Devotional


Welcome to the 14-Day Devotional. Reading this devotional is going to be an exciting 14 days for you! Over the next 14 days, we are going to take a look at topics that will help you follow Jesus and live out your faith. If you commit to these 14 days, we know that you will see the Bible come alive in your life every day and you will discover following Jesus is the best decision you could ever make.

Here are three tips to get the most possible out of these 14 days:

1. Turn on a worship playlist on Spotify as you read the Bible. Some music might help you focus on God.

2. If you don’t understand something or have questions about what you read, have a small group leader or a group of friends that you can talk with. You can find out more info about getting in a Small Group here!

3. Keep a pen and paper close by, and if something comes alive to you or you feel like God speaks to you through a verse, then write it down.

Each day’s reading will consist of a passage from Psalms, a Proverb, and the New Testament in the Message Paraphrase of the Bible. If you don’t know what a Psalm, Proverb or the New Testament is, you can google that and learn a lot, but just know it all came from God and was all written for you!